Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wyoming Race Network

The past several weeks I have been racing at various runs and triathlons. It reminded me of what kind of community we have here in this state. I listen to others talk about the groups that they train and race with in their cities and towns. Here in Wyoming our community covers 97,818 square miles. It seems like every race I attend there are more and more athletes from around the state that I would also consider friends.

At Bolder Boulder, I ran into two different co-workers that were either competing or supporting other racers. This past weekend at the Buffalo Triathlon, I hung out with two other Worland triathletes. At all the races there are plenty of other athletes that I know from other towns around the state. I meet even more people at the races that I look forward to hanging out with and racing against in future races. Now, here's the thing, these aren't my training partners. They are my race partners.

I will admit that I would rather be racing than training, any day. I think this realization is part of that reason. I never use to think of racing as a social setting, but it is becoming more and more of that for me. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy my solo training runs with just Winnie and I. It's just nice to be around others with common goals and motivations.

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runnergirl said...

I agree LJ. I have also met lots of wonderful people, all with different reasons and motivations to race - it does make it that much more exciting and fun.