Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Season

As I was out for my long run last weekend, I began to ponder...what is this season? This is Fall. It is the time of year when everything changes. When the heat and long days of summer subside. The leaves change color and the trees (and my dogs) begin to shed. Just take a look at my teammate Jamie's blog over at It's A Running Thing and see how beautiful Fall can be.

For many around the office and Wyoming, this is hunting season. The time of year when size really does matter. When it's OK to wear camo and fluorescent orange around the office. Coffee talk changes from politics and religion to the shot that just missed and the one that got away.

Another season is taking place around here, and that is sugar beet season. Worland, Wyoming is home to the Wyoming Sugar Company (formerly Holly Sugar). Sugar beets are very interesting and something that I had never been introduced to until moving to Worland. For two to three weeks each October beets are harvested and hauled here from all the area farms. This means a constant flow large dump trucks, filled to the brim with these pale white root vegetables. As a runner, this season brings certain inherent risks along with it. The first being additional road traffic, with vehicles that can't give you much right-of-way. This is especially true when they are passing each other. The other danger is that one of them might come free and take you out while running. While it might not seem too bad if you look at the one I picked up on my run the other day; they are solid as rocks and the largest one ever record in Worland was 22 pounds. Imagine that...something the size of a watermelon and hard as a rock, coming at you at 45 miles per hour. DUCK!!!

This leads me into the final season. The season that Team Point Two is taking part in. MARATHON SEASON! Our first team member, Donna, finished her race and met her goal in Portland. You can read all about it over on Nicole's blog at Running Bébé. Congratulations Donna! I am the next team member to go, with Seattle being less than six weeks out now. My training is just starting to peak this week, and not only are the miles long, but they're getting tough too. I'm excited, the finish is finally coming within view. So, to everyone out there, enjoy the Fall and good luck this season!