Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going Down the Road

On most days when I'm running, I see one thing out ahead of me…the backside of my dog Winnie.

OK, that's not the only thing I see. It's actually pretty amazing all the things I observe while running. A couple weeks ago while in Mexico, I couldn't help but noticing all the similarities between Mexico and Wyoming. The thing is, no matter where I run, I always get the same funny looks. They are trying to figure out what exactly this tall, scrawny white guy and his dog are doing and why this runner can't find somewhere else to run. Most of the roads I run on were not designed for cohabitation between bipeds and motorists. While running on the roads and highways provides lots of observations; I am finding a lots of things to see on the local paths. Worland has only had a running/biking path for about nine months now. It is quickly becoming my favorite spot to people watch.

I use to come home from a workout and be excited that I saw someone else running. Now I can visit the local path and find people and dogs out exercising at about any time of day. I have seen folks running, walking, cycling and kids skateboarding, I've even seen people driving "rascal" scooters down the path. I was almost tempted to run home, grab my long board and really show those kids how to ride. It's encouraging to see people outside doing things. It makes me feel like part of a greater community. Someday, maybe Winnie and I won't be looked at with such bewilderment. People might just smile and wave. Regardless, we'll keep on running and looking out for what's right up ahead.


RunnerDude said...

Hey, I can totally relate to this posting. When I first came to the city I've been living in for the past 11 years, I was a lone runner. Part of that was because there just weren't as many runners 11 years ago, but also because I like running by myself. But I was invited to join a local group of runners. Took me a year of being prodded to finally come but once I did it opened up an entire new world...that "community" you were speaking of. Keep on running in all those weird paces TriWyoming, you're probably a big reason why you're seeing so many more people out and being active!

Drusy said...

Where's the photo of Winnie?? She's part of the community too!